Our Mission

The Renterie was created to make it easy for people to find smaller rental boutiques that carry specialty inventory.  It was intended to let people know that there is a whole other rental market they know nothing about.  Those beautiful dessert tables, bar carts, glasses, rugs, and beverage dispensers we all hope to have at our next event are available…you just have to know where to look!  Right now finding specialty rentals in your state, or somewhere willing to ship is like finding a needle in a hay stack.  Right now, an event professional would probably be the only person who would know where to get those items because that’s part of their job.  The Renterie is here to present that other option. The Renterie will be the answer to: “where did you find that”?  My mission is for anyone to know where to find those items.  My mission is for planners, stylists, or maybe just an awesome collector of those things, is to make them available to the public more easily.  Don’t just bring it out of the closet every 5 years when you have a mermaid party that will be in the same color pallet.  Send it to MD, NC, IL, to someone who is looking for an awesome 4ft wooden bust of Ariel the Little Mermaid.  The Renterie will create a different image for the party rental industry.  We’re looking to scrap the whole idea of a musty showroom with dusty tables and chairs as even being associated with the party rental industry.  When someone is thinking about tackling planning an event, I want The Renterie to be among those first websites that comes to mind.  Go on Pinterest to gather your ideas, go on Etsy to get some great handmade decorations, and then come to The Renterie to complete the look!